Ryan at age 3 and Heejung at age 4

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Different Family Cultures

Many families have resemblances from different parts of the world.


Cultural Activities

Ryan liked Taekwondo (Introduced to the U.S. in 1956 from Korea)

Heejung sang songs and her sister played piano for guests.


Cultural Values

Individualism and equality are the core values of American culture.

Group unification and respect are the core values of Korean culture.


Cultural Language

It's fascinating how different languages interpret animal sounds.

In America, the dog sound is "woof woof" and, in Korea, the dog sound is "mung mung".


Cultural Birthdays

Americans traditionally celebrate birthdays by eating cake.

Koreans traditionally celebrate birthdays by eating seaweed soup.


Cultural Heroes
Han Solo (story coming soon)
이승복 Lee Seung-bok (story coming soon)


Cultural Goals
Ryan strived to get an apartment at a young age and live independently.
Heejung studied hard to attend the top university in Korea.


Cultural Currency
The United States decorates the dollar bill with George Washington, the first president of the United States (1789 -1797).
Korea decorates the won bill with Yi Hwang, one of the most prominent Korean Confucians from the 1500s.

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Culture Personality is 4 part project re-release that was originally created in 2004 for Heejung Yoon's MFA thesis. This book tells the stories of Korean-American interracial couples, Korean adoptees, and people of Korean-American mixed descent living in America today.

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